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About the Author

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Dan Shinder

In January of 2013 Dan founded the online media company Drum Talk TV, with what Dan says, “A bit of couch change and bellybutton lint … and I had a lot more bellybutton lint than couch change at the time!” Drum Talk TV quickly became the largest online community around the culture of drumming and percussion of all styles and genres from countless cultures. Drum Talk TV has 900% more online reach and engagement than all its industry peers combined, who have had a presence from 10 to 40+ years. Since its inception, Dan has made sure that Drum Talk TV not only feature’s its own interviews with today’s top artists in many genres of music, but also top educators, makers of gear from around the world, on-location event coverage such as the Winter NAMM Show and the Singapore Drum Fest, and produces documentaries, such as on Billy Cobham’s Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat, Breast Cancer Can Stick it and much more!

From the second month after launching Drum Talk TV, Dan began driving exceptional social media marketing results for the brand. Since then, with his Social Media On Steroids workshops, courses and consulting, Dan has been sharing exactly how he turned Drum Talk TV from an idea into a profitable business with a global presence with about 1 million active followers in over 130 countries, reaching 20 million people a month organically using social media marketing strategies he developed on Facebook without ever paying for advertising or boosting posts. Dan has brought his live Social Media On Steroids Seminars to the Winter NAMM Show each year since 2016. The high-level of engagement yields an average of 2.5 Million in reach, 750,000 post engagements, 1.5 million video view and 2,500 new followers, all in every 7-day period.

A Serial Entrepreneur, Dan Shinder is a husband, a father—he and his wife have collectively 11 grown children: 3 Foster Siblings his wife Nja raised with her own 4 kids and Dan has 4 of his own—and they have 19 grandkids. The point of this is that Dan understands “busy” and always finds time to do what it takes to forge his passions forward and help others. He insists, “We all have 24 hours in a day and what we do with that is the sum of where we are with our family, business and other passions.”

Dan has been a musician since 1970 when he began playing drums at the age of 7 and first toured the entire US professionally at 15. He discovered his love for video production when he had a cooking show on TV from 2002 to 2006, and then went on to produce corporate videos with Fortune 500 companies and major banks, documentaries and short films.

Dan provides social media marketing education, training and consulting in and outside the music industry to everyone from artists with gold and platinum records on the wall to solopreneurs and start-ups to millionaire entrepreneurs, multimillion dollar corporations and non- and for-profit organizations, in person and online with clients in 20 countries.

What Dan teaches can work for virtually any business in any industry and will work for you too!