About This Book Series


About This Book Series


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Volume I
Get Better Results NOW!

Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has about 20,000 hours worth of "been there and done that!" Get this book NOW and begin acquiring the Social Media Marketing success you want!

If you follow Dan’s “Social Media Marketing for Musicians That Works! step-by-step exactly what is taught, it will absolutely get you better results—much better!
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Volume II
Best Advice On When To Post

Volume II focuses on the real answers to the best times to post, and WHY. There is a lot of bunk info out there from people who have never achieved stellar results. "I have and I show you exactly how we did it on our journey to over 1 Million fans and how we still do it. I also show you how to make it time manageable, because I know as much as anyone, we are all busy."
- Dan Shinder
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Volume III
The Hashtag Hustle

This is Volume III of the “Social Media Marketing For Musicians That Works” series. The focus is on the wrong way EVERYONE is using hashtags, as well as the misuse of @mention tags, and more. The answers to the effective way to use all tags across all platforms are in this book and will be an eye-opening-forehead slapping experience and will keep you from following everyone else off the cliff!

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Who Is "Social Media Marketing for Musicians that works!" Written For?

Attention all Musical Entrepreneurs, or rather, “Musicpreneurs” (Musicians, Music Artists and Music Educators who mean business!) who want to sell more tickets to shows, more music downloads, more CD’s, get more live gigs, more sessions, more YouTube views, Facebook video views and engagement (you NEED this!) radio airplay, more students, create a huge following in love with what you do and run successful crowdfunding campaigns – THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you’re looking to succeed with Social Media Marketing then this Quick-Read (under an hour each) 10-Volume Kindle Short Series by Social Media Marketing expert Dan Shinder reveals how every Musical Entrepreneur can understand and implement Social Media Marketing Strategies that pay off with increased trust, likeability and brand love among an ever-growing fan base in love with what you do! And the first Volume is now available – FOR FREE, $2.99 USD or $5.99USD, depending on the Amazon version you select!

Here's a sample of what Dan Shinder covers in this insightful new series of Kindle Shorts:
  • How Does Social Media Marketing truly affect a musician’s business in a positive manner?
  • What are REAL results in social media marketing?
  • How do I recognize REAL results in SMM?
  • How do I consistently create social media marketing content that will get great results?
  • How do I create engagement and build a relationship with my audience/fans/target market?
  • How do I leverage great SMM results to create more revenue?
  • How do I measure SMM results and recognize what is working and why, and what is not working and why?
  • Exactly how do I create great content that will get me great results?
  • How do I build a relationship between my brand and my following?
  • ... and much, MUCH More!

Dan also reveals “It's about Understanding People, NOT the Technology!”

Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN Social Media Marketing expert take you by the hand and explain not only universal principles of social media marketing that get results, regardless of technology changes or platform features, but also Social Media Marketing Strategies that pay off with increased trust, likeability and brand love among an ever-growing fan base in love with what you are offering!